I led the rollout of the Barclays.co.uk website across mobile, tablet and desktop (public and secure pages). In charge of Barclays' design team assigned to this task (permanent staff and contractors) I acted as creative lead ensuring open and effective communication between Design, developers, stakeholders and agency alike. 
I actively contributed to designs yet as the project grew the main focus of my role entailed creative direction, team management and overseeing development of the design process in addition to essential input into strategy considerations, overall business goals and vision. 

The largest assignment for Barclays Digital for 2014/15 with the broadest remit, this high profile project required initial foundations to be solid and thorough to ensure longevity, continued growth and augmented success. I've been instrumental in these key stages. 

Julie is clearly a talented design professional with a fantastic eye for detail. Although I’ve only worked with her for a number of months, her diligent, focussed and open-minded approach has been incredibly reassuring on what is an otherwise challenging programme.’  Cecilia Murphy, Project Manager.