My team functions as an internal consultancy. We help our stakeholders gain a solid vision of where they should be focusing their digital strategy. Along with the overarching digital landscape (full-cycle B2C and B2B), we provide a clear yet soft focus on where our business' financial services + products can support this growth - providing a humanised, robust vision of not only our clients' digital future but also the multifaceted value our partnership brings.

I advise internally as well as externally on Digital trends and direction, prospecting what the future will look like in five to ten year’s time, within our business and for our clients alike. I not only develop the journey from day 1 but also present the final solutions to our internal and external clients, constantly nurturing the client relationship and actively winning business for Barclaycard and Barclays.

As Strategy Design Lead at Barclaycard, I am the head creative who translates complex business models into future, refined versions of themselves. Researching industry trends, technology, digital innovation and competitors; I run workshops, focus sessions and map out experiences - always ensuring these are onmichannel, user-centric and seamless.

Championing a 'One Barclays' focus ensures all areas of the business are represented, encouraging the varying business areas to work together and drive as one. Through this approach our clients recognise our business as a valuable partner, not only as a solutions-based service but as an essential ally in these digitally savvy times.

This role is senior stakeholder / ExCo + client facing (large corporates).
Our reach is multinational. All illustrations are my own.